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The JKA South African Karate Association is affiliated to the Japan Karate Association headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Shotokan karate was established in South Africa by MASTER STAN SCHMIDT in 1963. He studied at the JKA headquarters in Japan under Master M. Nakyama and his cadre of famous instructors. The JKA South Africa Board of Directors under the guidance of Dave Friend deals with the day-to-day management of the association.



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We endeavour to cultivate the principles of freedom of expression, human rights and dignity, integrity, justice, trust, equality, unity, loyalty, honesty, development and excellence, irrespective of nationality, race, colour, religion, creed, sex, social or economic status.





5 – 7 September 2014 – JKA SA Annual Spring Gasshuku

The superb annual spring gasshuku held at Rocky Bay was attended by a large number of seniors and was very well received.   All participants were required to present some form of special technique/exercises or the use of martial weapons.  This was a new addition to the gasshuku and all the participants were delighted to present their special technique.   Friday’s evening kata group was particularly interesting in view of the fact that a seven year old Mia Hackett  kicked off the gasshuku with her favourite kata.  The weather on Friday evening was extremely windy but on  Saturday the weather turned out typically coastal being sunny, warm and a comfortable sea breeze and the water temperature being quite normal for this time of the year at 21 degrees.  

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those senior instructors for their input and making the gasshuku the success that it was.

5 – 6 July 2014  -  JKA SA 5th Anniversary Golf Championship

The 5th Anniversary Golf Championship was held at Sun City on the Lost City and Gary Player golf courses on the above weekend.  It really was an amazing weekend particularly in view of the participation by the three Karate Masters, Stan Schmidt, Keith Geyer and Mark Hildyard.  Both golf courses  were in excellent condition for the middle of winter with the greens firm and very testing.  Some very good golf was played by many of the participants and everyone had a great time.

A wonderful dinner and evening was held in The Royal Chamber at The Palace Hotel on Friday night, the 4th July.   Our sincere appreciation goes out to the staff of both Sun International and The Palace Hotel for their wonderful effort they put in to make our weekend the success that it was.  Our heartfelt thanks are extended to the wives and girlfriends of the players for their input and we hope that they also enjoyed the delights of Sun City.

The results are as follows :

Open champion – Andrew Anderson
Second place – Steve Herring
Third place – Mike McLoughlin

Senior champion – Mike McLoughlin
Second place – Robbie Schmidt
Third place – Peter Bunkell

The Four ball competition was won by Andrew Anderson, Jean-Pierre van Staden, Alan Lambrechs and Byron Stephenson.  
Our congratulations go to all the competitors for making this the wonderful event that it was.

26 – 28 June 2014   -  JKA Southern Africa International Gasshuku

At the recent JKA SA International Gasshuku it was once again an honour and a privilege to have Stan Schmidt Shihan’s expertise and guidance at the gasshuku.  In addition to Stan Shihan,  we were fortunate to have Shihans  Keith Geyer and Mark Hildyard imparting their knowledge to us.

The information expounded bythe three of them was truly mind blowing and well received by the attending karateka.  It was awesome indeed.  It is true to say that only once you have lost something, do you then realise what you missed and took for granted, and South Africa has indeed sorely  missed the input of these  three experts.  It was a heartache to see them go back to Australia.


2 – 3 May – JKA Southern Africa/WF International Championships

For the first time in the history of JKA Southern Africa/WF  the above championships were held in Namibia at the Sports Club Windhoek.  The tournament was extremely well run and our congratulations go out to Sensei Theo de Kock and all those hard workers of Namibia JKA who made the tournament the success that it was.  The participants included those from Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola.  This led to a wonderful tournament with an excellent standard of karate and sportsmanship being achieved during the competition.  Our congratulations to all the students who participated in the championships, you were all winners just for being there!

To the champions we say well done and we look forward to your participation at next year’s event.

Men’s Open Kata and Kumite Grand Champion: Eltone Marongere  (Zimbabwe)
Ladies Elite Open Kata Champion: Shannon Hendriks  (South Africa)
Ladies Elite Open Kumite Champion: Bronwyn Freeman  (South Africa)
Men’s Elite Veteran Kata Champion: Eltone Marongere  (Zimbabwe)
Men’s Elite Veteran Kumite Champion: Fernando Muendo  (Angola)
Ladies Elite Veteran Kata and Kumite Grand Champion: Berdine Beukes (Namibia)
Men’s Elite Youth Kata : Under 21 Champion: Tiaan Schutte  (Namibia)
Men’s Elite Youth Kumite : Under 21 Champion: Ian Smit  (Namibia)
Ladies Elite Youth Kata : Under 21 Champion: Nikita Rohe  (Namibia)
Ladies Elite Youth Kumite : Under 21 Champion: Ashleigh Freeman  (South Africa)

7 – 8 March – JKA SA Junior Training Seminar (Sleepover)

A wonderful seminar was held on Friday evening and Saturday for the younger lower graded karateka.  A terrific time was had by all, so much so, that a second sleepover has been earmarked for Friday 12 and Saturday 13 September 2014.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the higher graded juniors for all their assistance in conducting the seminar.


24 – 26 October 2013 – JKA SA International Training Seminar

A wonderful International Training Seminar was held at JKA SA HQ at Friendsan, Midrand.  A number of international instructors and highly respected South African Masters gave some excellent tuition, none more so that Seamus O’Dowd who brought a whole new aspect to our karate with the use of both the Bo and the Jo.  Seamus Sensei is acknowledged worldwide for the application of both the Bo and the Jo and students on the course were enthralled by his application of them both.  A number of international students attended the seminar and only had rave reviews for the instructors and the tuition that took place.

Congratulations are extended to all those who passed their Dan gradings.


30 August – 1 September 2013  -  JKA SA Annual Spring Gasshuku

The annual Spring Gasshuku was once again held at Rocky Bay south of Durban.   The gasshuku was well attended and although extremely hard was enjoyed by all the participants, many of whom were there for the first time.  Some wonderful reviews were sent in by many of the participants.  Although the weather was somewhat inclement on Friday evening and early morning on Saturday, the gasshuku was held in typical South Coast weather, sunny and warm and good sea temperatures.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the instructors for their input and hard work.


27 – 28  July 2013 – JKA SA Golf Championships

A wonderful weekend’s golf was had at the recent JKA SA Golf Championships which were held at the Johannesburg Country Club where both courses, namely Rocklands and Woodmead were in excellent condition.  The greens were firm and very testing.   As per usual the catering was excellent at both the Saturday evening dinner and the Prize Giving function on the Sunday.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to Peter Bunkell Sensei for organising the venue for the championships.

The results were as follows :

Open Champion – Ryan Hendriks
2nd – Matthew Friend
3rd – Joni Muchnick

Seniors Champion – Robbie Schmidt
2nd – Mike McLoughlin
3rd – Monty Mantovan

The overall winning four ball was Peter Bunkell, Mike McLoughlin, Robbie Schmidt and Monty Mantovan.
Our congratulations go out to all the competitors for making this the wonderful event that it was.

2013 Golf Group


Upcoming JKA SA Golf Championships – 27th – 28th July 2013

On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July we will be hosting our annual Golf Championships at The Johannesburg Country Club.  Once again we extend our sincere appreciation to Sensei Peter Bunkell for his huge input in securing us Tee Off times on both days.  This annual event is always well attended and we look forward with great anticipation to seeing many of our legendary karateka and to two exciting days of golf.


1 June 2013 - The JKA South Africa  International Karate Championships

Download Official Results - Click Here

These Championships were held on 1 June 2013 at JKA SA Headquarters in Midrand, South Africa.  This exciting event was well attended by four countries, namely Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.  The standard of competition was extremely high particularly in the men’s and ladies’ Open Kumite and Kata.  Congratulations to all the medal winners!

Our sincere appreciation goes to Mr Anton Bosman for all the outstanding photographic work done at the championships.


26 May 2013

The Legendary Eddie Dorey Shihan passed away aged 76.  A wonderful teacher, an excellent martial artist and a thorough gentleman.   You fed our minds, You exercised our bodies and You captured our hearts.  Your life was a gift to the world and Your legacy will live forever.  You will be sorely missed by all.

“Au Revoir” (until we meet again).




23 April 2013 – Stan Schmidt Shihan accepts the appointment as Honorary President and Technical Advisor to JKA South Africa
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Stan Schmidt Shihan has accepted the above appointment.  We have always relied on his expertise and guidance and it is indeed an honour and privilege to have Stan Shihan has part and parcel of our association and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.


12 April 2013 – JKA HQ Gasshuku in Tokyo, Japan
Senseis Dave Friend, Alan Lambrechs and Theo de Kock once again attended the annual gasshuku held at JKA HQ in Tokyo, Japan.  Congratulations to Sensei Dave on being awarded special grading rights  up to Nidan.


21 March 2013 – Get-together of the Legendary SA Karate Masters
This was indeed an auspicious occasion with the majority of the legendary masters getting together over an informal braai at JKA SA HQ. Among the legendary masters present were Stan Schmidt, Norman Robinson, Malcolm Dorfman, Mark Robinson, Ray Joffe, Peter Arundale, Del Rodgers, Peter Bunkell, Robbie Schmidt, Jerry Balich, Monty Mantevan and Dave Friend.

Legends get Together

Unfortunately Eddie Dorey and Cecil Wolov were unable to attend due to ill health.  Sadly Cecil Wolov passed away on Tuesday 26 March at the age of 89.  Our sincere condolences are extended to his family.  Cecil is fondly remembered by all of us for all the hard work that he put into developing Shotokan karate in South Africa as well as the instruction that he delivered to senior karateka.


15 March 2013 –Dave Friend Sensei awarded 8th Dan
On Friday 15 March Dave Friend Sensei was awarded his 8th Dan by the College of the Open Hand.  Although he is unfazed by the awarding of dans, it was an appropriate recognition of his abilities and time spend in learning and developing the art of karate.


14 – 15 March 2013 – JKA SA International Training Seminar
The above seminar was held under the guidance and expertise of Stan Schmidt Shihan and was extremely well attended by karateka both locally and internationally.  The tuition given by Stan Shihan was of the highest calibre and the association can’t wait to have him back again.

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